Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Hoardings in Bangalore

Bangalore: The silicon valley of India is one of the fastest growing city in the world. Almost all the major tech companies have their corporate office or branch office in Bangalore. One of the major problem of Bangalore is traffic. Taking hoardings on those traffic congestion area will help your brand to stay longer on the minds of the consumer.

Find below the list of traffic congestion area which are also great place for advertising. KR Puram (Old Madras Road-Whitefield Main Road) is one of those traffic congestion area. By taking hoardings near KR Puram, you can target the ITPL Whitefield area and old madras road. The traffic is dead slow here with the average waiting time is 5-10 minutes. Electronic City (Hosur Road-Nice Road-Konappana Agrahara stretch) is also the traffic congestion spot. This area is must for advertising if you are planning to target the IT hubs. Also traffic is dead slow in peak hours with average waiting time goes up to 10 – 15 minutes.
Bangalore hoardings are giant in size and will give brand a better visibility. Also it’s very eye catchy and helps you to target your audience. The other location Peenya (Outer Ring Road-Kempegowda Layout, Tumkur flyover on NH-4 and T Dasarahalli) is an industrial area also a national highway. With average waiting time 5 minutes. Metro construction is also going on in peenya. You can advertise on Bangalore metro pillars to gain the visibility on metro stretch. Other locations which are also a traffic congestion areas are Old Airport Outer Ring Road near Marathahalli, Airport Main road and Devarabeesanahalli, Banaswadi Outer Ring Road, Byatarayanapura (Mysore Road-BDA Ring Road) and Chikkajala on International Airport road. These all locations are filled with heavy traffic in peak times. It will be better for the brands to take hoardings in these areas. It will give them extra space on consumer minds. Outdoor Advertising is one of the major tool to promote your brands across Bangalore. Media Buying agency will help you to plan your campaign with the static locations. 

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

What are the major locations to advertise in metro cities?

Every city basically have 4-5 major location or congestion point which cover entire city as well as it’s in high traffic area. Let’s find out those high traffic congestion areas which also best for promote your brand through hoardings. 


The Capital of India is the largest city in India in terms of area and second largest city in terms of population. The area of delhi is around 1,483 square/km. The population of delhi (ref: delhi traffic police) approx. 1,70,84,235 with 96,34,976 registered vehicles. Average person wait 15 minutes in those high traffic congestion point. The one that will top all the high congestion traffic list is ITO Crossing. This point joins the crowded east delhi to central delhi. Every day hundred and thousand people wait here for average of 5-10 minutes. Options available at ITO Crossings are Hoardings across ITO, Bus Queue Shelter Advertising, Advertising on Public Toilets, Pole Kiosk. These advertising options will help you to target the audience in the congestion. Karol Bagh Market is also one of the same congestion point. Every day many people travels to karol bagh market for various reasons like Shopping, Office etc. This makes the point highly congested area. Advertising Options available at Karol Bagh are Unipoles, Bus Shelter Branding, Advertising on Public Utilities, Pole Kiosk, Metro pillars branding etc. Other high traffic points are Saket Metro Station, Ashram – Maharani Bagh, Lajpat Nagar Market, Vikas Marg, ISBT Kashmiri Gate, IIT Gate to Yusuf sarai and Gurgaon to Dhaula Kuan. Advertising Options available on all location mention above are Delhi Hoardings, Bus Shelter Advertising, Advertising on Public Utilities, Pole Kiosk, Metro Pillar Branding, Bus Branding and Metro Duct Panel.

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Hoardings Advertisement in India

How to advertise your brand on hoardings ?

In India, it’s really a hassle job to plan your next outdoor campaign. Multiple Vendor in single place and so many media to choose from is one of the many reason brand used to face while planning the campaign. Best way to advertise on hoardings by first understanding the city structure. What are best mediums, areas, traffic congestion points, advertising options. Then try to find out the media owner of the sites. Here you can try to visit all the sites or can relay on your sources. Because, sometime its very hard to find the real media owner of the respective city. After finding the vendors, finalize the media try to book the media as soon as possible. As its very hard to block the media. After blocking the media try to finalize the hoardings before any body else booked it. Always remember in outdoor booking is the final way to hold your media. Mostly agency never consider blocking. After booking the media, brands have to coordinate with all the vendors and to get the report on time. After the first report brands have to make sure that the campaign will be running for the approved duration. In recent times some vendors are taking multiple campaigns on the same site and share the forged pictures with the brands. So, to make sure your campaign going flawlessly. Try to hire third party monitoring agency to monitor all your sites. That’s how you execute a outdoor campaign in India or you can save your time and energy by hiring a media buying agency who can handle your complete campaign and will be your one point of contact. Organized Outdoor Options is one such agency. Talk to our sale representative now by visiting Our Sites Hoardings Advertising in India
Hoardings in India is our specialty. Choose the city and we give you the complete insight of the city, advertising options and a monitoring application to make sure that your campaign will give you the right amount of ROI. 
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Friday, 10 February 2017

BQS Branding vs Hoardings Advertising

When it comes to Outdoor Advertising, one cannot neglect the presence and importance of static media in the market. Being the most traditional and most used media format, static media plays an important role in the advertising business. In this article, we will discuss the difference, importance, merits-demerits and presence of Hoardings and Bus Queue Shelters.
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First, let us talk about Hoardings in India. Hoardings, Billboards, Unipoles, Building Panels, and Wall Panels all comes under same category. Being static in nature, this media format not only comes in various sizes, dimensions, structures but also they are present in millions of locations across the globe. In India itself, there are approx. 15, 83,752 hoardings excluding illegal ones. These hoardings are in such a huge number that even the regulating department not able to map and get it legalized. Every state, every city, every town and even the smallest village holds their share. Roads, Streets, Highways, Markets, Bridges etc. you name it and we can get the hoardings available there.
Bus Queue Shelter advertising is another form of static media that we have in the market. Advertising business is running out of exclusive and innovative marketing options, brands whereas going digital day by day, static media advertising plays a vital role in the advertising business. BQS advertising or Bus Queue Shelter advertising in its simplest terms means getting the BQS branded under one’s brand name, that’s it. Simple installation of creative with vinyl pasting on BQS gives the viewers a pleasant view of the brands while waiting for their buses. With the availability of lights and well maintained shelters, this advertising media helps the marketers to showcase their product exclusively and efficiently.

Both media formats are static in nature, so calculating or judging the difference between is a little tedious task. We can differentiate them among their sizes, their presence or locations, their lit type and their visibility. Hoardings are large, they can be giant in size, from 20’ x 20’ to 200’ x 200’ and they are monstrous when it comes to size whereas BQS are in standard sizes across the city or states, the authorities have fixed and installed one standard size BQS across the location. BQS can’t be installed in bigger formats unless required. Whereas numerous hoardings are daily installed and uprooted. Hoardings are present at multiple locations with n’ number in quantity where BQS is a Bus Queue Shelter, hence they can’t be present back to back in a stretch. Also illegal installation of hoardings have also increased their numbers. BQS comes under single or similar formats, they are horizontally wide and standard in vertical whereas hoardings can be in square shape, in rectangle, particularly horizontal or vertical, innovative hoardings etc. One can’t compare the Hoardings with BQS or can challenge the importance among each other. The benefits of Hoardings are they huge in size, in bigger formats, precisely placed or installed, high rise and easily visible from far ends makes them the favourite media formats among the marketers. Whereas BQS Advertising has its own importance, they are mostly present in every location, where there is a bus there is a bus shelter, hence the marketers loves their brands get branded on BQS to give the halters or people waiting for their buses as well as the commuters and passers-by. The negative or demerits of hoardings are sometimes their huge number itself. Multiple hoardings at same place or same location confuses the viewers and the message on the creative gets diluted also numerous hoardings distracts the viewers and they loses their importance. Technically a viewer has maximum 3-5 seconds per ad and a lot of information or confusing graphics sometimes creates a waste in viewership nothing else, whereas BQS under similar sizes benefits the marketers as their advertisement or message is easily conveyed to the viewers. Nothing haphazard no rush, easy going visibility and ample time to go through.
In the end we can say that, Hoardings in India or elsewhere holds a higher position when compared to BQS Advertising but I’ll always keep both media formats on different verticals and standards. Where one media has an edge over the other in terms of size and later their own availability in hundreds creates a havoc for themselves, where one holds an unmatched competition in terms of their presence leaving the other media format short in the same category. One media enjoys the size and larger formats while other keeps itself simple and standard yet impactful. So we can say that where advertising on Hoardings plays a vital role in current advertising business BQS advertising is not much far away from the same.


Deepak Khatri
North India Head
Organized Outdoor Options